September 25th, 2005

Egrets Reading

October issue of Lynx online

An excerpt from "May Dazed", the 212 stanza cinquain sequence I wrote with thirteen other poets on my CinquainPoets list last May and published as a book through Lulu.Com, is now online in Lynx, A Journal for Linking Poets:

Jane Reichhold also wrote a review of "May Dazed" as well as a review of "Rose Haiku for Flower Lovers and Gardeners", edited by Angela Leuck and published by Price-Patterson Ltd. Of Canada. I have two haiku in the Rose Haiku anthology and it’s a beautiful little book of haiku.

In addition, this issue contains “Broken Hearts”, a cinku sequence which I co-authored with the Haiku_Unchained yahoogroups list. The "May Dazed" excerpt and "Broken Hearts" are both in the Symbiotic Poetry section of the journal:

A “cinku” is a poetry form designed by Denis Garrison to be a sort of cross between a cinquain and a haiku. It has five lines and 17 syllables in the pattern 2-3-4-6-2. I haven't written very many of them because it's more natural for me to write haiku and cinquains than cinku, but some poets on the Haiku_Unchained list have written some nice poems with the form. I just don't count syllables with my haiku and I prefer even-syllable line syllabic forms because English is naturally iambic and that 3 syllable line is hard for me to work with.

However, each poet has to learn which forms work best for him/her and experimenting with new ones is part of that process.