September 19th, 2005

Egrets Reading


I just found out that six of my scifaiku were accepted for upcoming issues of Scifaikuest. Two will be in the November 2005 Print Edition, one will be in the November 2005 Online Edition, two will be in the February 2006 Print Edition, and one will be in the February 2006 Online Edition.

Speaking of scifaiku, recently Bud Webster complained about the name, “scifaiku”, as a term for science fiction haiku on sfpanet. He actually went as far as to say that he "despised the term" because it was “moronic”.

While truthfully I’m not crazy about the term “scifaiku” myself, it seems to be the term that has stuck, so I don’t really see the need to form a crusade to change it.

Besides, I am at somewhat of a loss as to a better term to call this delightful little form of poetry.

We could, perhaps call it “sf haiku” which might satisfy those sf writers who feel anything associated with the term “sci-fi” is demeaning, but then we’d offend haiku purists who feel that scifaiku isn’t “authentic” enough to be classified as haiku. In fact, the theme of the upcoming Haiku North America in Port Townsend, Washington this weekend is “Haiku Authenticity”.

Scifaiku is a merging of two distinct poetic traditions which the existing term reflects.

And, I really don’t want to call it zappai…