September 16th, 2005

Egrets Reading

Recent Poetry Acceptances

Before we left town, I found out that “Attracting His Attention”, my “word poem” for Eclectica was accepted for the fall issue, which will go online on October 1st.

Eclectica has a “word poem” feature in each issue where poets write poems using four words that are announced in the previous issue. So, this is how I came to write a two stanza cinquain sequence using the words “hemisphere”, “indignant”, “thistle”, and “wipe”.

I also found out that “Deep Impact”, a haiga cinquain with artwork by Zolo will be in the winter issue of Astropoetica.

Regarding move-in day at UC Santa Cruz – it was the smoothest college move-in I’ve ever experienced. I was worried about it because of the lack of parking near the Crown College dorms, which are nestled in a redwood forest, but the university had it down to a science, doing dorm check-ins in a lower parking lot and then queuing up the cars by building. Compared to moving Kirk in at UC Davis in 2000, and Sean in at UCLA in 2001, this was a piece of cake!