September 10th, 2005

Egrets Reading

Fall Sniffles

My cinquain, "Fall Sniffles" is now up at Autumn Leaves:

I find myself reluctant to let go off summer. I'm still driving around with two beach chairs in the back of my car.

My friend, Mary, says that we don't really have Autumn in Southern California, not like Vermont, where she lives now. And it's true that I'm sitting at my desk looking through the sliding glass door into a deceptively green backyard, as it always is.

Yet, I see a few leaves on the patio and there is the growing stack of boxes in a corner of the living room...I'm moving my daughter to UC Santa Cruz in less than a week.

Last night, Yvette said that it was getting colder, and I shivered thinking how empty and cold the house is going to seem so very soon.