September 1st, 2005

Egrets Reading

Month End Close

Around the changing of the calendar page each month, comes a phenomenon particular to accounting departments of businesses, the dreaded month end close. In my day job as an IT professional, I've learned not to schedule vacations, schedule software updates, reboot servers, and to allow a lot of extra space on my daily to-do list to make room for the guaranteed increased requests from the accounting department. This is just practical business-as-usual no matter where you work.

month end close
office coffeepot empty
earlier than usual

For a poet, the changing of a month can also be significant. It is a time for submission deadlines, poetry contest deadlines, and the releases of new webzines and journal issues, speaking of which I'm pleased to announce that I have work in some recently released webzine issues:

The September issue of Poetry Life and Times is now out and I have 3 of my "May Dazed" cinquain links there as well as a cinquain sequence, "Breath by Breath": (scroll down)

The premiere issue of Denis Garrison's new webzine, Loch Raven Review, is now out and I have three cinquains, "The End of the Drought", "Eggshell Moon", and "Black Widow" in it in addition to a cinquain sequence, "The Vine That Ate The South":

The long awaited spring/summer issue of World Haiku Review ( is now online and I have poems all over the place here:

haiku - "jacaranda blossoms" (scroll down)

2 haiku – "half-packed suitcase" (named "the best" of the themed category) and "hairpin curves" (haiku #8 on the page):

haiku - "August heat" (named "the best" of the kigo category - my jaw is dropping):

haiku - "unopened rosebud" (#1 on the page after "the best"):

Two haiku ("mushroom photo" and "mushroom allergy") in the Hiroshima 60th Anniversary section: (scroll down)

Three cinquains - "Thunder Moon", "Beaver Tail Soup", and "Gleaming Eyes":

Three cinquain butterflies - "Morning Encounter", "Living Under Code Orange", and "Anchored":

Three cinquain sequences - "In the Path of a Tornado", "The Neighborhood Wild Parrots", and "Heartache in West Virginia":

One of my cinquain links from May Dazed (#67) in a review of May Dazed by Terrie Leigh Relf:

Finally, order information for May Dazed and Seaside Moon (my Saki Press chapbook) are also listed in the book mart section:

Hopefully, you will enjoy reading these and the other poems in the issues.