August 29th, 2005

Egrets Reading

Of Blogs and Publication....

At lunch, I wrote a fairly in-depth blog entry entitled, "Poetry Evangelization: Tinywords and Poetry 180", but after re-reading it, it occurred to me that it turned out to be a halfway decent article about poetry. It also occurred to me that a couple of poetry journals I've written for previously might be interested in it.

So, here's my do blogs factor in legally when it comes to "pre-publication"? In other words, if I post something to my blog, is it then ineligible to be sold for First North American Serial rights or First Electronic Worldwide Rights?

I've read articles discussing poetry posts on e-mail lists which are then submitted for publication and the consensus there seems to be that a poem posted to a poetry workshop e-mail list is unpublished.

But what is the rule of thumb about blogs? Does anybody know?

At the moment, I'm taking the safe route and not posting the blog entry I had intended for today. Instead, I submitted it for publication consideration.

But speaking of tinywords (which triggered my original blog post), one of my haiku was published there a few days ago:

a folded ochre star
in the tidepool

--Deborah P Kolodji