Deborah P Kolodji (dkolodji) wrote,
Deborah P Kolodji

The Sea Temple

As Jules and I explored the tidepool area of the Cabrillo National Monument on Saturday afternoon, we climbed all over a sandstone formation which we dubbed "The Sea Temple" with its sandstone pillars...

mussel offerings
by sandstone pillars
of a sea temple --
is that seaweed or the tip
of a mermaid's tail?

the world
from a cave mouth --
she tells me
the brown pelicans
look like pterodactyls

photo by seajules

dry from the rain
the illusion of safety
when the tide is out

lure of sandstone
the footholds designed
for elves

(Note for perspective purposes: Jules is about 5'9")

Eleventh Essential
when hiking with poets:
writing gear


outside the cave
deeper reflections

natural skylight
the ocean's side job
as a decorator

no planks to walk
just the long drop to water
from cliff top

as rain
chases away
casual beachgoers --
a sea-haunted selkie looks for
her skin

Except where indicated, all photos and poems (c) 2007 Deborah P Kolodji
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