Deborah P Kolodji (dkolodji) wrote,
Deborah P Kolodji

The Klingon in the Tide Pool

Cabrillo National Monument, December 8, 2007

Despite holiday sales, choir practice, and threats of stormy weather, the Southland Poets of the Fantastic held their fourth quarterly poetry workshop at Cabrillo National Monument. Terrie Leigh Relf, Billie Dee, and myself met at seajules's house and carpooled to the monument. A fifth member, Christopher Vera, went straight to Point Loma but he apparently wore his invisibility cloak because we never saw him there.

Jules and I completely lost track of time exploring the tidepools and admiring sea grass "beards" of "petrified sailors" which obviously belonged with the sandstone structure Terrie dubbed the "petrified ship." We then explored a sandstone formation which resembled a temple to an unknown sea goddess, complete with pillars. We were both entranced by its spell and climbed up into it(and truthfully it was much warmer there, sheltered from the wind). We could have stayed there longer but we noticed the "Klingon" staring at us, sternly reminding us that Billie and Terrie were up on the cliffs shivering in the cold. So, we quickly hiked back with only a few oohs and aahs, ignoring tide pool sirens singing to us on the way back.

Afterwards, the four of us regrouped at Panera Bread for a productive writing session, where we all wrote several poems and parts of other poems. It was a great day!

I could have spent several more hours exploring the tidepools with Jules. I definitely MUST return, hopefully also with samhenderson,mer_moon, salamet, and the rest in tow. (No invisibility cloaks allowed!)

It would also be a great place to have a haiku ginko walk...
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