Deborah P Kolodji (dkolodji) wrote,
Deborah P Kolodji

Monday Nght Poetry

Last night, I went to kingfisher1031's Monday Night Poetry, arriving fashionably late, which unfortunately means I missed a couple of open mic readers. There I read three very short poems, a cinquain called "Questions of Extraterrestrial Life", a haiku, and a tanka. They are all in the current issue of the San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly, the "Why" issue.

While sitting there, I decided to completely reorder the words in my haiku, reading it as:

did a kiss
from a princess backfire?
two frogs

which I like a lot better than its published version:

two frogs --
did a kiss from a princess

Don also decided to do something different with this issue - giving a $50 prize to the best of the issue, which he would announce at the reading if he sold 10 copies at the reading.

I ended up with third place for my three short question poems, no cash but some extra applause.

Pauli Dutton's poem, "The House," which she had workshopped at the Wilsons' Thursday Night Poetry and Music Salon was named as the second prize winner.

The winning poem was "bug" by Don Newton.
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