Deborah P Kolodji (dkolodji) wrote,
Deborah P Kolodji

haiku/scifaiku news

Three haiku went online at Roadrunner Haiku today, here's the link but you'll need to scroll down to find mine:

Also, while you're on that page, check out Jim Kacian's "star wobble" one-liner haiku. I'm generally not big on one-liners, but I really like this one.

As for other dpk poetry news...Lone Star Stories accepted two of my scifaiku for the Dec/Jan issue!

The deadline for Tales of the Unanticipated is coming up. I really want to try to make this reading period. I don't think TOTU has published anything of mine since the '90's - I've managed to consistently miss every reading period since Laurel Winter stepped down as poetry editor, which has been a number of years now. I actually managed to meet Laurel once when she was in town for a Nebula Awards weekend, which was being held at UCLA at the same time as the Festival of Books.

We met at a restaurant in Marina del Rey during my lunch hour - I think it was the year she published "Growing Wings", because I bought a copy off her and she autographed it for me. (It's a good book, by the way, if you haven't read it. It's a children's book, but enjoyable for adults.)
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