Deborah P Kolodji (dkolodji) wrote,
Deborah P Kolodji

May 2007 issue of Scifaikuest

My contributor's copy of the May 2007 print issue of Scifaikuest has arrived in my mailbox.

This one contains some great work - it's one of the best issues ever, in my opinion, as far as the overall quality of the scifaiku.

Ushi (Andrea Gradidge) is the featured haijin.

In particular, I loved the scifaiku by Eric Marin, G.O. Clark, Tim Jamieson, and Robin Mayhall.

Eric's take on rock paper scissors is horrifying. That is one game I'd want to win if I was there.

Gary's scifaiku is constructed with a total surprise at the end. You first think it's a normal Fourth of July haiku and then you read the last line and immediately have to go back and read the whole thing over.

Tim's one-eyed cyclops gave me a laugh and I was stunned by the imagery of Robin's description of Mercury's transit.

Kendall Evans' horror-ku about Lizzy Borden gave me an evil chuckle.

"Footnote in the Solar System," a rengay by ushi and oino sakai, ends on this great note....

genome scanning
a lot of Neanderthal
in the Olympics

- from "Footnote in the Solar System," by ushi and oino sakai
Scifaikuest, May 2007

There is other nice work here. Go get a copy!
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