Deborah P Kolodji (dkolodji) wrote,
Deborah P Kolodji

What is short, implies value, and has a sf flavor?

Well, my little pet project, the sample booklet of the best short-short science fiction/fantasy/horror/speculative poems (1-9 lines) of 2004 is shaping up nicely.

I'm doing this for demonstration purposes to try to convince the Science Fiction Poetry Association that there is a need for another category for the annual Rhysling Award.

So, far I have obtained reprint permissions from William Allegrezza, G.O. Clark, John Dunphy, David Huntsperger, David C Kopaska-Merkel, Melissa Marr, Terrie Leigh Relf, Karen A Romanko, Ann K Schwader, and Mikal Trimm, so there's some wonderful little poems lined up already.

So, even if this doesn't convince the SFPA to have a short short poem category, it's going to be a great little collection of poetry, IMO.

I have sent out reprint permission queries to about a half dozen other people and am still reading through back online issues, my personal small press collection, soliciting opinions from anyone who will listen, etc, in an effort to obtain a variety of styles and voices and overall general excellence.

I'm not simply looking for short short poems under 10 lines, I'm looking for short short poems that really sparkle.

If you know of a killer short-short poem that was published in 2004 that you think just really sparkles, now is the time to let me know about it, even if it is your own poem.

I'm also trying to think of a name for this booklet/chapbook other than "A Sample of the Best Short Short Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror poems of 2004". If you have any great ideas, please let me know.

My propensity for puns had me originally thinking "Tasty Bytes: A Sample of the Best..." but since it had been brought to my attention that at least one person in the opposition camp for the award category was afraid that the short-short poetry category might turn into the "joke" poem category, I'm thinking I need a more serious title, one that embodies the essence of minimalism but also implies great value and has a science fiction/fantasy flavor.

If you think of one, please let me know.

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