Deborah P Kolodji (dkolodji) wrote,
Deborah P Kolodji

fantasy ku/murder by chocolate

I have three fantasy haiku upcoming in Triptych Haiku. Oddly enough, Scifaikuest doesn't take fantasy ku - just science fiction and horror.

In other scifaiku news, I've been reading through my contributor's copy of Dreams and Nightmares and was surprised to find that my five stanza haiku sequence is now a two stanza sequence.

It's odd because although I think it was a mistake, I kind of like it this way. My original sequence, "Death by Chocolate" was really a serious of scifaiku about various futuristic speculative methods of murder. Cutting it down to a two scifaiku sequence changed the meaning because the second stanza, when only coupled with the first one could be mentally twisted to be associated with chocolate, even though this was not my original intent.

So, while my original poem was given the title just for fun as a way to collect these murderous ku together, the possibly accidentally truncated poem now appears to be a poem specifically about murdering with chocolate...which is fun in its own way.
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