Deborah P Kolodji (dkolodji) wrote,
Deborah P Kolodji

Cinquain Watch/Amaze news

The selections for Amaze #10 have been finalized and the issue will be online soon at

Amaze #10 will contain cinquains by Lisa Bradley, Lauren Brecht, Darrell Byrd, Anya Corke, Maureen Daniels, Mary Dorsey, Michael L. Evans, Bren Gentry, John Grey, Rich Magahiz, Lauren McCollum, Allen McGill, Shayla Mollohan, Mary E. Moore, Naia, Amy Nawrocki, Kathy Paupore, Michael A Rodriguez, Ava South, Pat Thompkins, Kimberly K Thompson, and Michael Williams.

The cover cinquain haiga will be by Naia.

Speaking of cinquains, several years ago I used to put out a newsletter called Cinquain Watch which I used to post to the CinquainPoets e-mail list. My idea was to have a monthly newsletter of links to various online published cinquains, cinquain contests, new publications welcome to cinquains, etc. I enjoyed doing this, but it became too much for me to keep up as a monthly newsletter with every thing else I had going on. Also, I had difficulty getting people to send me news of cinquains and cinquain publications and mostly had to scour the web looking for them myself. This greatly added to the time involved in doing such an ongoing project.

A couple years ago, I planned to resurrect this as a blog, but never got past reserving the name CinquainWatch. I was thinking that as a blog the panic to come up with a monthly issue would go away and I could just post interesting links as I discovered them. Unfortunately, I didn't keep this up.

Inspired by recent cinquain reference websites and blogs by Denis Garrison and Bille Dee, I've decided to resurrect CinquainWatch as a blog.

I plan to eventually post backdated excerpts to the old Cinquain Watch newsletters with links to online cinquains which are still online. Obviously, there's no point in posting old news of cinquain contests, etc which have already happened, which is why I'm only going to post excerpts from those old issues. But while I'm doing that slowly, I'm also going to post fresh cinquain news as I find it to CinquainWatch.
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