Deborah P Kolodji (dkolodji) wrote,
Deborah P Kolodji

Halloween windfall

Yesterday a friend called me up and asked if I wanted two free tickets to Disney Hall for tonight. Having never actually heard a concert in this odd-looking Gehry-designed building, I immediately said yes! She said her husband had trick-or-treat door duty and after much laughter about costumes, trick-or-treaters, etc, I said I'd come as a poet.

So, I slipped on the trusty "Fear the Poet" t-shirt and went over to their house and rang the doorbell. Her husband came to the door with candy but slipped two tickets in my hand instead.

Front row, front orchestra section - Joshua Bell on violin - what a great night.

grace notes --
the pregnant flutist
plays Mozart

- Deborah P Kolodji
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