Deborah P Kolodji (dkolodji) wrote,
Deborah P Kolodji

Ghost Whispers

Several years ago in my formal verse phase I was planning to do a chapbook of ghost sonnets.

(Yes, all ye who doubt, once upon a time I used to actually write sonnets fairly regularly, although I must confess that while rhyme comes easily to me, meter does not, especially when I focus on it too closely.)

Unfortunately, I wrote about six ghost sonnets that pleased me, six ghost sonnets that were barely passable and a couple of really bad ones before I abandoned the project.

It must be the autumn air or the fact that I've already committed myself to doing two Halloween poetry readings this month, but I find myself in the mood to write about ghosts again. Yesterday, I wrote a cinquain called Yūrei (yūrei means ghost in Japanese) which I'm hoping to get on the market pretty soon. Oddly enough, in America we associate ghosts with autumn but in Japan, ghosts are associated with summer. This is because of the O-bon Festival, which is a sort of Japanese-style el Día de los Muertos.

In preparation for the Halloween poetry readings, I put together a little sampler of my supernatural poetry, including three of the above mentioned ghost sonnets. I'm willing to mail it to anyone who sends me a dollar plus postage. A few lucky people might also receive one in the mail in lieu of a Halloween card.

I call it Ghost Whispers and it is one page folded into threes, forming six panels. Four contain poetry, one is a "title" panel, and one has information regarding my chapbooks and the journals which published the poems I include in the sampler of Halloween poetry.

Here's a cinquain included in the collection:

The Bone House

So dark
this Halloween,
no pumpkins on the sill.
Rumor haunted, murder whispers--
old bones.

- Deborah P Kolodji
Horror Writers of America Newsletter, October 2005
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